My website is just a sneak peek of my work which is fully available on my Patreon. 


You don’t know what the platform Patreon is ?

Let me describe it to you, but first, I’ll give you the context of why I chose to share my work on a membership platform. 

I’m a french-russian photographer and I’ve been taking pictures for 15 years now. I’ve been creating different styles such as fashion, portraits, corporate ; and for 5 years now, I’ve decided to dedicate a part of my work to lingerie, nude and BDSM universe which you got to discover here on my website. 

Photography is a huge part of my life and I always take time to choose the models I want to work with, scout nice spots and choose the right artistic direction. It is very important for me to be satisfied with my work, to accomplish more and more and everyday and to create what I enjoy (and what you enjoy too). 

However, censorship and blackouts are being more common in photography and it is getting difficult to benefit from my work. 

Thus, it made me think of a platform where I could share every single Photoshoot & Videoshoot  and also my experiences. 

On Patreon, you can support my work and get access to : 

  • Exclusive content every week - all of my uncensored photoshoots 
  • Weekly video ( as you can see on the showreel on the side)
  • My archives which are reachable here through my website in the tab « archives » 
  • A discord membership where you can see previews of my photoshoots, updates on my website, backstages, inspirations and my team and I will gladly answer to all of your questions. 

NB : even if you unsubscribe to my Patreon after a while, you will keep your unlimited access to the discord server (some channels won’t be reachable anymore though ) 

By joining me on Patreon, you support my work and you give me the opportunity to share all of my photoshoots without constraints. If you have further

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